Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Simple Life ...

During the wonderful weekend up in the far away mountains of Western Maryland, farmland, and blue skies, fields, and Ford and Chevy trucks, I had some really nice moments to spend with family, nature, and reflection. It is truly amazing how once you remove yourself AWAY from the cliche' of hustle and bustle, you really can decompress and sort of "figure things out" so to speak.

I really realized how important it is to take time to spend with your family. I cannot believe how amazing it is when I look at my parents, I can't believe how they are now really older. And how each day, is a day that I should think about them, be happy that they are still alive, be happy that they are in my life still, and really really value them. Same for my brothers and sisters. I laugh at how we all act the same towards each other STILL, but yet, we are all so much OLDER! When did we turn into real adults? or have we yet? In any case, I am really glad to have the opportunity to have a super family - which I truly value.

Now onto the great stuff - was able to head up to Fallingwater up near Nemacolin PA. That was an incredible experience. Frank Lloyd Wright was SO way before his time. I had always thought that building was designed and built in the 60's - but no, the 30's. And during the Depression. The facts on the numbers and dollars that were given during the hour tour, were stunning. Both the main house and guest house are in great shape, however, the main house went through a major foundation renovation a few years ago (it was entrusted by the only son of the Kaufmann family of Pittsburgh to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.) because it was starting to fall. I learned a lot about architecture. I totally suggest getting up there to check out the gorgeous historic landmark home. And while you are up there, why not check out the well-known spa and resort, Nemacolin. That whole area is so beautiful and easy to get to from Washington.

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