Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Viewing the calendar for next week ...

Since this is a slow week, I thought I'd look into the calendar for next week to see what wild things lay ahead. (and since I am going to see my parents near Deep Creek for Thanksgiving and will be going through a much needed detox and breathing in the fresh country air, I KNOW I will be ready to play and be busy next week!) I think we are trying to go to the Redskins game with friends at their suite on the owner's level. That in my humble opinion is THE best way to view the game. Oh sure, you may feel like - "I could be doing this from the comfort of my own home, why the hell did I drive all the way out to BFE for THIS?", (and yes, Snyder takes a helicopter - we can't all own a losing football team and be buddies with TomKat.) BUT the fun thing is, seeing all the interesting people (my friend's suite is next to the Kimsey/Ramsey/Rales/Robert suite, and they ALWAYS have fun people). Plus, there is heat, so in the cold, you are not freezing your rear end off. And then you can go suite hopping - and visit other friends. And hey, V physically ran into cutie pie Troy Aikman during the Dallas game. There are always celebs running around (the dude who played the Pres in 24, who is in the Unit and Allstate ads and my bud LR).

Then Monday - I think I am headed with some WPAS friends to Charlie Palmers for a major wine tasting YUMMMM! Cannot wait for that! but prior I know I am supposed to hit Pizza Paradisio on M to tape their beer tasting event for DC Compass. That should be fun!

So Tuesday - L-1 Identity solutions has some event at the Spy Museum that I RSVP'd for - I have to relook at the invite again, but the list on the committe was quite impressive. Robert LaPenta and Joe Paresi are big corporate successes. I know JA is having their big event, but didn't RSVP for that. So hard to be in 2 (3, 4) places at once.

Wed night is our Famoso (Chevy Chase Collection, above M Cafe) cocktail reception. 6 -7:30, V and I are hosting about 100 or so of our dear friends to introduce them to this fabulous Italian restaurant. Our buddy who used to Maitre D' at Cafe Milano is now there. Carmelo I think his name is. He is a sweetie pie. Funny, he always puts his glasses on top of his head.

And finally Thursday night is the Capitol File 1 year anniversary party. I checked the host list for this event (that Iman will be attending) and I want to know WHO WASN'T (besides me) on the host committee!?! Very impressive - National Portrait Gallery - should be a show! and Friday is World AIDS day - I know Kate Roberts has something awesome planned for this ... more to come as I get DETAILS!

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