Monday, November 20, 2006

Week of November 13th 2006

Since this is my first attempt at blogging, I may be a bit conservative. Basically, I am building this site to talk about the "adventures" that my friends and I experience on a daily, nightly, weekly basis. I have been told numerous times that my life should be turned into a book - have a true tendancy to write my friends in email form of my "adventures", so now, this is an even easier way to get the fun out. Some names will have alias' to protect the innocent (and not so innocent!)...

Last week, the fun really started on Tuesday night, met my friend G up at the new spot at the Collection at Chevy Chase, Famosa. V and I will be helping to promote this new "hotspot" which is really a nice establishment. Because the location faces the parking lot away from Wisconsin Ave (next to Bvlgari) it needs more visibility and exposure through parties and promotions. Actually, we are hosting an event next Wed the 29th, a nice cocktail event for friends and business executives. G left after a martini (or 2?) and V and I headed next door to the Bvlgari event that was benefiting the Museum of Women in the Arts. Now that was an interesting and different crowd. Gorgeous pieces of course, and ran into some fun people from my past and maybe my future ... more to come on that ... Didn't stay TOO long - V and I had to get all the way back to Arlington for my dear friend C's party. C is hosting a party every month on a Tuesday for invited guests only. I was sure it would be quite the INTRIGUING crowd. And when I say intriguing, I mean pretty much all "hottie" girls and women that he knows. What do you know!?! I was right - well, at least in the beginning. And it was funny - I was the only loser in a business suit. The rest of the ladies were in jeans and cute exposed skin tops - with some exceptions of course. It was a pretty crowd - catered, lots and lots of the right kind of drinks - BUBBLY! my favorite ... can't get enough of the VC :-) By the time C finally got out of the shower to greet his guests, there were about 50 people there I think - the music was pumping and the crowd was starting to get rowdy. Some people were holding issue with the music - it came from C's play list, which included some not so "hip" pieces. aka 8-6-7-5-3-0-9 - JENNY! Then one friend decided to do some breakdancing in the bar room and his drink went flying - luckily, there was someone there to clean it up ... this IS a brand new condo for goodness sakes! To our happiness, more hot guys came in - smokers were on the balcony in the freezing cold, I think I had way too many glasses (or cups) of VC and next thing you know - we were off with 2 girlfriends to Play ... got there, no one was there. Well, no one too interesting - so we decided to hitch up with a guy friend we knew and head to Fly ... seriously, the 2 of those places should have either a shuttle or a tunnel to each other! The crowd goes from one to the other all of the time ... or, I particularly stay at one, versus the other. Depends on how I feel or who is there that interests me.

So, off to Fly - one of our girlfriends was going to meet her male counterpart of the moment (I guess, I never can keep up these days) and we run into him on the street with 2 other girls and his friends. Nonetheless, that was quite the moment of uncomfortableness. V and I and 2 other friends (male) decided to head into the depths of Fly - where we ran into P, our friend who works with models. He had a table, (seriously, that place, you need to either have a table to sit and not have to be run into by RP's or, you can stand by the bar and be protected, but otherwise, on a super crowded night, if you stand in the middle, and why would you do that, you run the risk of being burned by a ciggie or having some drunk spill on your designer label clothing, or even worse, being HIT on by some nut, who you told last week to go to H-E double hockey sticks) and was with other girlfriends of ours.

Now that was a fun night and NO, I went home ALONE as usual ... (the theme of my life!) only to be topped by Thursday evening - started by attending a DC Scores event at the Dodge Mansion in Georgetown. THat was so sweet, was able to get a photog from the Georgetowner there. Great organization, met some cool people. Then V (my partner in crime) and I headed to the Four Seasons to get some nourishment and vino ... then a dear friend F and his partner came and picked us up to go back to Play (are there only 3 places in town? Play, Fly , Blue Gin!) for a girlfriend's birthday party. Craziness ensued ... I promise ... that was a nutty night. Activities of shots (ok, only ONE for me), bottles of VC, and dancing on those benches - thank goodness they are hard and can take the heels of my boots and spikes. That place was SO crowded. I am sure the fire code was violated 100 times over. With that, I had to give myself the hook and take myself off stage right. Once outside, I was like ... hmm... now what? So - I called my buddy P, who was a bit tipsy, enough to think he could take his glass of champagne out - which I told him he certainly couldn't - and we headed to- guess where!>! Fly ... where we danced and closed the place down. Now that was another adventure b/c of conversations there, but will remain for now, undisclosed - but again, got in a cab and was HOME in bed at a decent hour :-) I say, any night I am in before the lights come on in a club is a GREAT NIGHT.

Friday night - met friends at District Chophouse before meeting P at the Verizon center. C had awesome seats for the hockey game. they were playing North Carolina - and were losing when we left at the end of the 2nd period. But we had PLACES to go! First, had to run to Zola for some sustenance (again) and then cabbed it to BLUE GIN. Why? b/c we were on the list for the PRIVATE JOEY DEGRAW and CHRIS BARRON (from Spin Docktors) concert! When we got there, there were about 10 or 15 people - we of course jumped on the best spot - right where the band would be playing. C had purchased a table (with lotsO bubbly!) ... they had set up the bottom part of BG for a comfy concert. I was totally impressed. More people started coming in - they were being super strict, as it was for a small private concert. When it was all said and done, there were probably about 75 people there.

So, we are sitting there, and I kept having to tell people that our table was taken, but these seats were open. Next thing you know, these dudes come over and just sit down. C and I were like - hmm. I have a feeling they may be "roadies" or something, b/c one guy had a crazy hair cut and a hat - and they were a bit comfortable with themselves. Plus, I was checking out this one guy, he was older, had some scruff, and was wearing this crazy outfit. He was wearing a pink button down with a gray tie, bleached jeans, WHITE WHITE tennis shoes, and his shirtsleeves were rolled up. I was like - who the heck is that? And they kept ordering red wine, which hey - no roadie orders that. or do they? anyway, yes, turns out the HOTTIE sitting next to me was JOEY himself... and I was chatting away with him. He was so cute. I had asked him why they were drinking red wine (actually, I said, you are the most sophisicated band I know) and he said, "Everyone gives me vodka and shots - it is great when I stick to red wine!" With that comment, I had to give him and his band some champagne! Pink Oxford was Chris Barron, who was the original Spin Docktor. He was AWESOME. Got a standing ovation - it was all acoustic. They are SO talented. The band smoked and drank while they played, it was totally cool. (I wonder, how can you maintain your voice when you chain smoke? and also, Joey told him he does VOICEOVERS for A&E channel ... how does THAT work? isn't it a bit gruff ? mmmm ... must do some recon work).

The bad thing is - the crowd TALKED AND TALKED while they were playing. So rude... what can you do though. F got up and told everyone to SHUT UP! but no one listened. of course. The funniest part of the night was when F told me that Chris and Joey asked if the 2 "groupies" up front had been planted. I said What groupies? and he said my friend and me. I was SO offended - seriously MOI? a groupie? for a group I had never heard of? maybe now for LR, but that is IT! geez ... so after they were done, everyone got up and danced and drank more and had an awesome time. I have to give it to Blue Gin - they did a bang up job for this concert!

Saturday night - oy - I am exhausted now ... was part of the wonderful private dinner that Joe Robert had for his son Joey who has come home from 4 years serving our country as a Marine and grueling tour in Fallujah. That was at Cafe Milano, (where I lost my new silver hoop earring, pisses me off!) and it was for about 75 people or so. Soooo nice. Really beautiful and touching, lots of toasts, wonderful food and fun company. interestingly, everyone was at long tables, and we were kind of split -if you looked at the dynamics. I was at the Girls table, (there were a few boys with their girlfriends) and the BOYS were at the Boys table, then there were tables of mixed groups, and the Head Table - but it was funny to see how everyone sat. pretty much the same crowd that I had been seeing for the past few nights. Then Joe had rented out the top level of Blue Gin for the group plus more and it was SO nice. He paid for open for 10 - 2 am. That was so generous of him - it was really a fun and great event. It was decorated and had a nice crowd - a lot of whom I had no idea who they were. With that - I gave myself the HOOK again - and grabbed a cab home. Where I then decided it would be a super idea to heat up left over pizza and eat it ... ugh! more to come ...