Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A very successful evening!

So - last night, thanks to the sponsors GrantThornton, Holland & Knight and MorganFranklin AND to our buddies from Lincoln Holdings - Jack Davies, and Raul Fernandez, and of course, the Brian Muir, (SUCH A HOTTIE! too bad he is MARRIED!) and the Mystics Curtis Symonds and player Nikki Teasley, the ExecutiveBiz ExecutiveConnect Happy Hour was a SUCCESS! We had around 180 people - I think the "pre-holiday" spirit and the fact that Tysons Corner is a nightmare to get out of, certainly didn't hurt! Jack is hilarious - first, I cannot even believe he made it there. He told Raul and me he had been on a major bike ride to Mount Vernon, then had to come back to Georgetown and then back into the black hole of Tysons Corner. I was totally impressed that both he and Raul stayed for the long haul too! they are such great guys.

Of course, we had to continue the party (yes, in Tysons Corner) headed to the Palm (best Happy Hour place to get rowdy in Tysons) and some of continued to cocktail, eat and make merry. Luckily, I had enough sense to get outta there by 11 pm - as did the rest of the crew. However, my wild hair wanted to go out more - and unfortunately, none of my crazy friends were to be found! H was a date with some girl and they were out whooping it up at Fly (got the lowdown today) and the rest of my friends were either on their way home (hence the comment - you should have called me 20 minutes ago!) or they were AT home or they were in a place of fun that I could not catch up to, which is all for the best. And you know - once at home, it is SO hard to go back out, so that was a blessing in disguise to throw some jammies on and snuggle in bed. and YES alone AGAIN! With V out of town, my fun degree has suddenly shot down - but at least I am getting sleep!

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i read your article and loave it so much