Monday, January 29, 2007

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fly Me to the Moon...

If you are a business executive, director of events, a non-profit leader, or anyone else who may at some point need a venue to host a private party, you should definitely check out Fly Lounge DC. (1802 Jefferson Place, NW in the side street connecting Connecticut and 19th Street)

Tuesday evening Victoria and I put together a nice little private event for close to 70 hand-picked business leaders and media to “showcase” this cool space for just that purpose. (Thank you to all who attended. We appreciate your support!)

(Pictured: Me, Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans, and Victoria inside Fly - compliments of photographer Russell Hirshon)

The neat thing about this unique place (if you haven’t yet been, or if you have been on a typical weekend late night and it was so crowded you couldn’t see 3 feet in front of you much less the “airplane windows” on the wall) is that it is designed to replicate the inside of a plane. The airplane windows are actually computer flat screens that can be used for corporate PowerPoint presentations, logo displays, videos, or whatever your heart desires. They stretch along both sides of the walls, again, to simulate the feeling of being inside a plane.

While the maximum capacity is 150 (and trust me, in the heat of a Friday or Saturday night at midnight, it feels like it is way over that number) private events can be smaller and more intimate and the flow of the room (there is only one room) is quite nice. Lots of comfortable seating, available catering, 2 bars, a sleek interior, lots of mirrors, excellent A/V capabilities with a mic and speakers for a presentation or for comments during the cocktails and a fabulous selection of groovy background music make Fly Lounge DC a fun and cool place to host your next corporate private event. Oh, you can also book valet parking, which is very convenient since the parking around that area (Golden Triangle) can sometimes be tough during cocktail hour times.

Suggested times to book: Sunday or Monday evenings – (Fly Lounge is closed and is available only for private parties)
Suggested hours for regular business evening: 6:30 – 9:30 pm Tuesday – Saturday

Fly opens to the public at 10 pm so if your guests want to stay and enjoy the more "clubby" atmosphere and mingle with those who venture in, they are welcome to.
This is a fantastic way to impress your clients, business partners, prospects, your internal employees or the corporate big wigs who come into town.

There are several packages with open bar and catered food, we are happy to work with your requirements. For more information please contact Victoria Michael – – Come Fly Private with us!

Monday, January 15, 2007

99 Years of Life on the Wall... 99 Years of Life!

I have been a BAD BAD BAD girl! No posting for 4 days. Sorry, I was in Atlanta celebrating with family, Grandma's 99th (YES, you did not misread) Birthday! Now that was a cause for celebration. I often wonder if I will make it to 50, much less 99. Anyway, it was an amazingly inspirational time, and I am so lucky to have a Grandmother who STILL has it together, dresses to the 9's and is lucid (more than a lot of people I meet when going out), intelligent, funny, witty, and can walk faster than me (but that is not saying much). So I apologize for bailing out on my writing responsibilites, but I am sure you can understand. It is not everyday you celebrate a 99th birthday!

(*Pictured: Victoria Michael, Me, Philippe Cousteau, Suzanne Coffin at an ExecutiveBiz Executive Connect Happy Hour)

You MUST get your TV tuned or your TiVo in gear for this coming Sunday the 21st at 8:00 pm. The Donald and Rosie are doing Celebrity Boxing on UPN! Just kidding. Actually, someone who is a dear dear friend, who is classy, hilarious, handsome, charming, sincere, kind, generous, humble, philanthropic, and an extremely hard worker, oh, I almost forgot, "BRILLIANT!" (that is one of his favorite sayings) Philippe Cousteau, will be premiering the show "Ocean's Deadliest" on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel simultaneously. This is the last project Aussie Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) did before his sudden death, when his heart was pierced by a stingray this past summer. (note, Philippe and others were with Steve on the boat when the accident happened. They worked tirelessly on reviving him on the boat for close to 2 hours.) After the show airs, the channels will present a tribute to the very much missed Crocodile Hunter.

Philippe, son of Jan and Philippe Cousteau Sr., and grandson of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, started with his sister Alexandra, the non-profit EarthEcho International. The environmentally educational focused, DC-based organization was started in 2000 by the two children in memory of their father. Philippe Sr. died tragically in a plane accident prior to Philippe Jr.'s birth.

The main focus of EarthEcho International is ACTION. Everything each of us does everyday, in our normal lives, has an effect on the environment, whether we realize it or not or whether we care or not. It is about understanding lifestyle choices (as simple as: Do you leave the water on when you brush your teeth? to: Do you ask for line caught salmon when you order in a restaurant? even: Who do you vote for when it comes to election time?)

Until I met Philippe, through Brian Williams (whose awesome company Viget Labs will be taking over this blog site soon and FYI, get ready for some really cool changes in the look), I never really thought about "Green" and anything I did ever making a difference. I mean, look, I am ONLY ONE PERSON. And aren't people who care about that "stuff" all funky and wear beads and Birkenstocks, make peace signs, and are also Vegans? (ok, I totally stereotyped - badly) Well, after talking with Philippe, listening and reading, not just his material, but others, I really started to "get it." Each of us has a CHOICE and truly, a responsibilty in everything we do, to make a difference. The cool thing about EarthEcho is that they get the message out through new media and through hip fun ideas and activities (rock climbing, snowboarding and other more Xtreme sports).

As they say "It's not your father's Oldsmobile." Well, it is not your father's planet anymore, nor your grandfather's. It is ours. And our children's (well, I don't have any, so its other people's children's). What we do or not do today, will truly affect our children's and grandchildren's planet.

I am not here to preach, just to make those who had never heard of EarthEcho International, or the "green" movement aware that there are opportunities to make a change. TODAY. And TODAY it is a really cool sexy thing to be empowered by this knowledge and do something about it.

Check out the website. Watch Animal Planet or Discovery on Sunday at 8pm. Talk with Philippe or his staff. They are incredible people who are interesting and not "crunchy", so don't get all worried about that. Those are yesterday's stereotypes. Let's keep this planet alive and gorgeous, so when we are all 99, our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids can thank us.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Read My Lips: No More Texts!

To all my dear wonderful friends who love to communicate with me only by text messaging,

I write to you to inform you that I have given up that mode of communication for the New Year (easier than going on a diet/workout regimen/marathon training). I apologize if you have texted me lately and I have not responded. I apologize in advance if you will text me and I will not respond. My reasons are found in the body of this letter. Thank you for reading.

I understand that text messaging can be:
Good to use when you are in a loud place and can’t hear the phone
Great to use when you are in a group at dinner and want to talk with the person across from you about the person next to you
Something to do when your dinner date gets up and goes to the restroom
Something to do when you are bored in a meeting/passenger in a car/in the office/in a park/at a bar
Something to do when you are in need of conducting banter with someone because you are lonely
Something to do when you are waiting for someone to show up at your meeting place so you look busy
Last but not least (and please forgive me if I have left off any other reasons to use text messaging) – A really great way to AVOID actually SPEAKING with the person you are contacting

Ok, ALL super reasons to use this advanced data transport method (also know as Short Message Service or SMS). And obviously the entire world thinks so because text messaging has reached an all time high - in the billions per month. However, when I opened up my latest Verizon Wireless bill, I was less than pleased with the dollar number staring back at me. (Let’s just say it was over $300) Then I went back to months and months prior, each one getting larger and larger. I noticed that I was getting killed KILLED on Data i.e. Text Messaging. You pay for each incoming and for each outgoing. I immediately called Verizon Wireless, who immediately obliged me and changed my plan to “all you can eat/text” for $10/month – but the catch is of course, only with those who are on the same network.

I took this information and pondered in my heart and in my checkbook and then deeper. I have been getting very frustrated with the whole process of having to respond to people by way of texting. Not that I don’t want these people to get in touch with me, they have my phone number for a reason. I really just wish people would pick up the phone. OR, they can email me. I am happy to do that too. I have a blackberry and a phone and a voice and ears. And this is ironic coming from me. I used to be the Queen of Text Messaging. However, after years of thumbing through conversations I decided the texting thing is a pain for me for several reasons:

My predictive text never gets the words correct to the sentence I want to create. For instance – I want to write: "I am home now." What will appear is: "I am good now." I want to write. "I did not go out last night." What will appear is: "I did not in out last might." You get my drift. I for one do not have the patience to go back and search and type on that little phone every little letter hunt and peck style. I can type easily on a keyboard or on the blackberry, just not on the phone.

I can be a verbose person when it comes to writing. I find it challenging to be cryptic. And when someone writes: "What did you do last night?" Easy for THEM to write, but they expect me to write in text, letter by letter, an account of everything I did? Uh uh.

I like having phone conversations. You can hear the tone in a person's voice, you get the full message in 1/10th of the time it takes to write. And you can get on and off the phone quickly, if you say something like: "Oops, I have got to take this call." Done. Simple.

And email - c'mon. That is an easy one. That was here way before the advent of the text messaging craze. We have blackberry's and Treo's now, so it is possible to get in touch with most people through that form of messaging. It just doesn't cost per email and the messagings can be more explicit and understood.

So, call me old-fashioned, call me impatient, call me not technologically of this era (I don’t have an iPod, satellite radio, nor do I have nor have I ever owned a Razor, Krazor, Chocolate, Pearl, Sidekick, or any of those fancy little things that for some reason, remind me of Paris Hilton), call me all of the above. Just don’t text it to me.

Thoughts on text messaging positive or negative? Post a comment!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Postcards From the Couch

Well, I finally finished The Collectors (David Baldacci). Wow, I was sad to close the book. I was so addicted, and it was like 1:30 am Sunday night. Finishing a really good book can be a bit bittersweet. I feel like I don’t ever want the story to end, yet, I can’t wait to get to the next page. Kinda like life too, right? I again, really recommend picking this treasure up. I have a feeling there will be another sequel to this novel, which was the continued story from The Camel Club.

(*Pictured above: Christophah, Tony, Pawlie "Walnuts", Silvio - the main freakin' charactah's on the groundbreaking and bone breaking drama now headed to A&E)

So I am wondering about how the heck A&E is going to air "The Sopranos"? (p.s. the cable channel paid a record cool $2.5 million per episode) I suppose they can get away with a lot more, since it IS cable (heck, the amount of graphic exposure shown on even network i.e. CSI, or any other crime show, is laden with bloody violent images) but seriously! The whole reason people are addicted to this HBO drama is BECAUSE of the graphic violence, language, nudity and sex. Isn’t that why it was created FOR HBO? ("It’s not TV. It’s HBO.") What is left? Carmela making coffee and Tony eating bacon/pasta/sausage/pasta/some sort of meat dish or smoking a cigar? And will they just “blur” out the nakedness? Will they change the vulgar words, and replace with “I’m gonna FREAKIN’ kill you, you little SHYSTER!” (One can only guess what words he really said on HBO.) Or will they just blank it out “I’m gonna SILENT kill you, you little SILENT!” If that happens, my goodness, ¾ of the show will be in quiet mode. You may think you hit the Mute button by accident. We'll miss the entire script.

Anyway, I think it will be quite entertaining to see how this airing happens. I thought about that when
USA Network decided to air Sex and the City. I tried it watch it once, and got bored. Who wants to watch a show that has spoiled you with ZERO interruptions WITH stupid commercials and half the content taken out? I just used my remote to choose HBO On Demand and watched about 4 episodes uninterrupted, in a row, with pausing and rewind capability. Now that is great TV watching.

And how about that
BCS Game last night. I'll never eat a Tostito again. I can’t even bear to think about that one. I started watching the bloodbath in hopes of a slaughter in the right direction (Penn State entered the Big 10 when I was a freshman there, ok, now you know how old I am, and why is it still Big 10 when there are now 11 in the conference?). Unfortunately for Ohio State, the 51 days to prepare, apparently only hurt them. I think I started cringing right around the 2nd quarter. Or was it the 1st quarter? Don’t remember, it was just all bad. 41-14 Gators over the Buckeyes. Ouch. Hurts to type that.

I was home to watch two of my favorite shows (
Law & Order:CI and :SVU) brand new episodes tonight. I was thinking how I have pretty much seen every episode of those shows maybe twice because of my addiction to USA and how they play back to back episodes constantly. Someone is a marketing genius over there. You can’t even get up off the couch to get a drink of water before you are drawn in to the next show. Next thing you know, it is 4 hours later. I need an intervention. However, interestingly enough, a dear friend of mine’s friend was the head of the company who invented the split screen on network that allowed for scenes from “next week’s show” to be played while the ending credits of the current show played. Genius. That way, you kill two birds with one stone, AND you never get the viewer to change the channel. They are drawn into the show that follows what they were watching.

And America seems to have a sick fascination with doctors, lawyers and no, not Indian chiefs, but rather cops, or sexy detectives. I am sorry, but seriously, WHAT crime scene investigator looks like THAT (and you know who I am referring to)? And are there really doctors that look like Dr. McDreamy? (if so, I will change doctor’s RIGHT NOW) and why after nights of working hard on a case or surgery, is everyone’s hair perfect, makeup not smeared, lipstick still on, no bags under the eyes, clothing not wrinkled (for CSI: Miami fans, not much clothing is worn on the women), cleavage all up and at attention, and really, everyone looks, just so GREAT?

Oh, I remember now. It’s not real life. It’s TV.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hungry? It's a Foodie's Paradise Out There!

Every year, the Washington, DC Convention and Tourism Corporation and the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington bring our city the Winter Restaurant Week. This year, it is this week, January 8 – 14th. I have learned that 170 restaurants are participating, so talk about choices during this 10th annual event!

A bit about the week:
Participating Washington restaurants from every cuisine background offer a 3 course gourmet prix-fixe meal during lunch and dinner. The lunch menu is $20.07 (get it? 2007) and dinner menus are only $10 more for $30.07. (The prices do not include tax, beverage or gratuity.) Reservations are highly recommended and when you get to the restaurant, don’t just assume you will get any 3 course meal for that excellent price. The establishment should have a pre-printed menu specifically for this week’s special offering. If they don’t present to you right away, do make sure you ask for it!

Here are some links to learn more about it:

Do your best to come into the District (there are some restaurants in NoVa also participating) to taste some of the country’s best chefs in their beautifully designed restaurants, try a new place you have been reading about, or even that little place you’ve always been wondering about. It will be worth it – and at those prices, you can’t lose!
I welcome your comments on where you went, your reviews and suggestions.

Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week ...

Remember those classic lines from the hilarious movie “Airplane!” when Steve McCroskey (Lloyd Bridges) says, “Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking/smoking/sniffing glue/amphetamines.”? Well, it appears that I picked the wrong week to START my diet/yoga/getting more sleep/amphetamines. Ok, that last one was ajoke. With the whirlwind of activities from the NYE weekend over, I had a fresh outlook in mind and a well rested soul from hiding away during the week. That meant of course, I was itching to have fun again Friday night.

(*Pictured: Me, Dina, Victoria, Anna, Paola, Kimberly at the Verizon Center)

I met a group of friends pre-Wizards vs. Clippers game at Rosa Mexicano. I really love that place, and talk about perfect location: right across the street from the Verizon Center. Fortunately for Rosa, the prime location, awesome pomegranate margaritas and fantastically tableside prepared guacamole means a packed house at all times ESPECIALLY, pre- and post-game. Great for them, bad for those of us who arrive and have no place to sit, who are constantly being bumped around, and who have to wait 4 deep at the bar to order from the already swamped bartenders. Still, I do love that place. Warning: as great as those famous pomegranate marg’s are, I suggest a limit of two in one sitting. There is something in that secret recipe that kicks in later. I hear from people that strange activities have occurred later after having more than two of these delicious concoctions (i.e. dancing in the street, making bad decisions when choosing who to talk to from the opposite sex, making bad decisions when choosing who to give a phone number to from the opposite sex, making loud comments to no one in particular that could be construed as asinine, calling radio stations, calling ex-'s, howling at the moon, etc.).

The group was Scottie, Paola, Anna, Dina, Jimmy, Rupert, and Gal. Victoria was already at the suite ordering the food and drinks, so we headed over. Philippe showed up later. What I enjoy about sitting in the suites, it that it is a great atmosphere to converse, socialize, drink, eat, and enjoy oneself comfortably, however, sometimes I personally feel as if I am in a living room having a party, not at an actual game. So next thing you know, as I talk and laugh and get into major discussions with the folks in the room, I start wondering “Is there a game going on? What quarter is it? Who is winning? Who is playing? Is it over ALREADY?” and yes, it was over – The Wizards won!Congratulations to the birthday boy, Gilbert Arenas, who was certainly having the best pre-birthday party game of his life.

As I glanced down in my handbag at the black heavy unique invitation from Love with the Black Arenas Card tucked within, (take off of the Black AmEx) with my very own name on the card, with the guest number of 4613 (Gilbert and I are very close, he promised I would not be the invited group of 5000, RIGHT!) I thought to myself, There is NO WAY we are going to that party, on the other end of the world, and join, last I heard, 5000 + invited guests. However, I have to hand it to whoever created these invitations. They are extremely cool, and must have been a fortune to create. Gilbert’s face is imprinted where the face of the Roman is on real AmEx card. They are very clever and extremely well done.

The consensus was, and we all had card invites, to skip the party. We felt it would be too much of a hassle to get to, the open bar was now closed, and getting back to “mid-town” from Love on Okie Ave NE, could present a challenge. So, we decided to run across the street to another favorite, IndeBleu. There we made our way up the stairs to the bar across from the dining room, where I saw Saeed Bennani, of IndeBleu management. He is such a gracious host and he happily opened his arms to us (6 women – Scott and Philippe were eating in the dining room and the Jimmy and Gal had not joined us) and started us out with champagne. Saeed then became “Sir Mix A Lot” and spent his time working on some tasty creations that were eagerly sipped up by this group. Time to move on, we thanked Saeed, and jumped in a cab (we were starting to lose people now) and headed to Fly to go dancing. I guess that is the only way I have been keeping in some sort of shape, dancing and walking to the next venue.

We all had a really fun time there, it seemed like a lot who came FROM the birthday party were ending up there. I still haven’t heard the real LOWDOWN (not including what was in the papers, of course) on the party, just little bits, here and there. If anyone has the REAL scoop on what really happened, feel free to comment. I was sorry to have missed it, but our group had a fabulous time just playing locally in our old stomping grounds, dancing, taking tons of pictures, and cheering in the weekend. Happy Belated Birthday Gilbert. Til Next Year!