Sunday, January 7, 2007

Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week ...

Remember those classic lines from the hilarious movie “Airplane!” when Steve McCroskey (Lloyd Bridges) says, “Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking/smoking/sniffing glue/amphetamines.”? Well, it appears that I picked the wrong week to START my diet/yoga/getting more sleep/amphetamines. Ok, that last one was ajoke. With the whirlwind of activities from the NYE weekend over, I had a fresh outlook in mind and a well rested soul from hiding away during the week. That meant of course, I was itching to have fun again Friday night.

(*Pictured: Me, Dina, Victoria, Anna, Paola, Kimberly at the Verizon Center)

I met a group of friends pre-Wizards vs. Clippers game at Rosa Mexicano. I really love that place, and talk about perfect location: right across the street from the Verizon Center. Fortunately for Rosa, the prime location, awesome pomegranate margaritas and fantastically tableside prepared guacamole means a packed house at all times ESPECIALLY, pre- and post-game. Great for them, bad for those of us who arrive and have no place to sit, who are constantly being bumped around, and who have to wait 4 deep at the bar to order from the already swamped bartenders. Still, I do love that place. Warning: as great as those famous pomegranate marg’s are, I suggest a limit of two in one sitting. There is something in that secret recipe that kicks in later. I hear from people that strange activities have occurred later after having more than two of these delicious concoctions (i.e. dancing in the street, making bad decisions when choosing who to talk to from the opposite sex, making bad decisions when choosing who to give a phone number to from the opposite sex, making loud comments to no one in particular that could be construed as asinine, calling radio stations, calling ex-'s, howling at the moon, etc.).

The group was Scottie, Paola, Anna, Dina, Jimmy, Rupert, and Gal. Victoria was already at the suite ordering the food and drinks, so we headed over. Philippe showed up later. What I enjoy about sitting in the suites, it that it is a great atmosphere to converse, socialize, drink, eat, and enjoy oneself comfortably, however, sometimes I personally feel as if I am in a living room having a party, not at an actual game. So next thing you know, as I talk and laugh and get into major discussions with the folks in the room, I start wondering “Is there a game going on? What quarter is it? Who is winning? Who is playing? Is it over ALREADY?” and yes, it was over – The Wizards won!Congratulations to the birthday boy, Gilbert Arenas, who was certainly having the best pre-birthday party game of his life.

As I glanced down in my handbag at the black heavy unique invitation from Love with the Black Arenas Card tucked within, (take off of the Black AmEx) with my very own name on the card, with the guest number of 4613 (Gilbert and I are very close, he promised I would not be the invited group of 5000, RIGHT!) I thought to myself, There is NO WAY we are going to that party, on the other end of the world, and join, last I heard, 5000 + invited guests. However, I have to hand it to whoever created these invitations. They are extremely cool, and must have been a fortune to create. Gilbert’s face is imprinted where the face of the Roman is on real AmEx card. They are very clever and extremely well done.

The consensus was, and we all had card invites, to skip the party. We felt it would be too much of a hassle to get to, the open bar was now closed, and getting back to “mid-town” from Love on Okie Ave NE, could present a challenge. So, we decided to run across the street to another favorite, IndeBleu. There we made our way up the stairs to the bar across from the dining room, where I saw Saeed Bennani, of IndeBleu management. He is such a gracious host and he happily opened his arms to us (6 women – Scott and Philippe were eating in the dining room and the Jimmy and Gal had not joined us) and started us out with champagne. Saeed then became “Sir Mix A Lot” and spent his time working on some tasty creations that were eagerly sipped up by this group. Time to move on, we thanked Saeed, and jumped in a cab (we were starting to lose people now) and headed to Fly to go dancing. I guess that is the only way I have been keeping in some sort of shape, dancing and walking to the next venue.

We all had a really fun time there, it seemed like a lot who came FROM the birthday party were ending up there. I still haven’t heard the real LOWDOWN (not including what was in the papers, of course) on the party, just little bits, here and there. If anyone has the REAL scoop on what really happened, feel free to comment. I was sorry to have missed it, but our group had a fabulous time just playing locally in our old stomping grounds, dancing, taking tons of pictures, and cheering in the weekend. Happy Belated Birthday Gilbert. Til Next Year!


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