Wednesday, January 3, 2007

All Dressed Up and Don't Know Where to Go?

I think it was around August when I wandered into the Georgetown Barnes & Noble and settled into the Daytimer/Calendar section. There it was, a beautiful soft cover, red, leather (ette) B&N Weekly Desk Calendar for 2007. It was perfect for taking with me to meetings and pulling out in front of present company. My current daytimer was so embarrassing to look at, I usually left it at home and was constantly writing dates on cocktail napkins. Ok, some of my meetings are in places where one would find a cocktail napkin. Or I was unable to commit to dates because my handy ripped up, dog eared, well loved calendar wasn’t right at my fingers, so I had to guess if I was available for a future event. And no, I don’t use my Blackberry for its calendar capabilities. That would be way too modern for me. Well, in saying good-bye to 2006, I said hello to my new pretty red calendar, that I shall haul around with me to most occasions (as long as it fits into the handbag I bring, of course).

The best part of a new calendar (it's the little things in life) is the collection of fresh empty pages, just waiting to become black and blue with words, scribbles, numbers and cross outs. It reminds me of an artist's blank canvas, just waiting to be covered with colorful paint strokes, til the naked eye can see no more white space. Yes, I eagerly whipped out the red book, my pen and giddily, I started filling in space after space with event after event.

Below are a few that I am helping to promote for friends. They are fun, will have a fabulous crowd, and benefit worthy, wonderful causes.

Friday, January 19th: The Washington Ballet’s Jete’ Society is holding their Dance Party at the gorgeous Italian Embassy this year. Tickets are only $75 each, the event starts at 9 pm and you will be able to shake your booty and dance into the night until 1 am. This year’s chairs are the beautiful Ashley Taylor and the handsome, charming Winston Bao Lord. Expect a fun time with the young hip movers and shakers (literally) of Washington DC – bring your dancing shoes, and drink a few Red Bulls prior!

Tuesday, January 23rd: The Potomac Officers Club Luncheon will be held at the Fairview Park Marriott from 11:30 am – 1:15 pm. This exclusive executive event is for POC members and their invited guests only and marks the beginning of this non-profit speaker series’ 5th year. Special guest speaker: Washington Post Sports Columnist and Pardon The Interruption Co-Host, Michael Wilbon. Wilbon was a huge hit last January with his candid comments and his SuperBowl prediction. We look forward to another great event AND prediction! Registration is $75 for members and $95 for invited guests.

Tuesday, January 23rd: The Washington Humane Society is hosting their 5th Annual “Sugar & Champagne Affair” at the sexy new Hotel Palomar. The event, which was created by Todd and Ellen Gray of Equinox, will start at 7 pm and will feature excellent sparkling wines, champagnes, and desserts. Bring your pups too! Tickets are $75 a person, proceeds benefit the WHS and if you want to upgrade - the VIP reception and dinner at the hotel’s Urbana (which is fabulous) is only $300. To buy tickets please call 202.723.5730 x 206.

Again, I know there are tons of events going on out there (whew, I barely caught my breath from my 4 night streak) so if I hear of some “must attends!” I’ll make sure to mention. For now, I must brush off my cocktail attire, dust off a business suit, perhaps find a dog to borrow (anyone need to puppy sitter on the 23rd?) and fill up my bubbly flute. 2007 is off to a fabulous start!


Anonymous said...

Pamela...Santa brought Catie a puppy for Christmas...Part newfoundland, part border collie...He's yours to borrow! :) Gibby

Anonymous said...

"Tickets are ONLY $75!" Gee, what a deal! Why don't I show up so I can rub shoulders with a bunch of of pretentious, East coast raised, private school going, country club, Republican, living off mommy and daddy's money, faux DC elite wannabees who have nothing better to do since leaving their sorority/fraternity than blow their trust funds on ridiculous Georgetown apartments, burn away the company's money on Late Night Shots, get wasted at Smith Point, and attend overpriced fundraisers so they can dress up, get wasted, and pretend that they are actually doing something good for society.