Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Postcards From the Couch

Well, I finally finished The Collectors (David Baldacci). Wow, I was sad to close the book. I was so addicted, and it was like 1:30 am Sunday night. Finishing a really good book can be a bit bittersweet. I feel like I don’t ever want the story to end, yet, I can’t wait to get to the next page. Kinda like life too, right? I again, really recommend picking this treasure up. I have a feeling there will be another sequel to this novel, which was the continued story from The Camel Club.

(*Pictured above: Christophah, Tony, Pawlie "Walnuts", Silvio - the main freakin' charactah's on the groundbreaking and bone breaking drama now headed to A&E)

So I am wondering about how the heck A&E is going to air "The Sopranos"? (p.s. the cable channel paid a record cool $2.5 million per episode) I suppose they can get away with a lot more, since it IS cable (heck, the amount of graphic exposure shown on even network i.e. CSI, or any other crime show, is laden with bloody violent images) but seriously! The whole reason people are addicted to this HBO drama is BECAUSE of the graphic violence, language, nudity and sex. Isn’t that why it was created FOR HBO? ("It’s not TV. It’s HBO.") What is left? Carmela making coffee and Tony eating bacon/pasta/sausage/pasta/some sort of meat dish or smoking a cigar? And will they just “blur” out the nakedness? Will they change the vulgar words, and replace with “I’m gonna FREAKIN’ kill you, you little SHYSTER!” (One can only guess what words he really said on HBO.) Or will they just blank it out “I’m gonna SILENT kill you, you little SILENT!” If that happens, my goodness, ¾ of the show will be in quiet mode. You may think you hit the Mute button by accident. We'll miss the entire script.

Anyway, I think it will be quite entertaining to see how this airing happens. I thought about that when
USA Network decided to air Sex and the City. I tried it watch it once, and got bored. Who wants to watch a show that has spoiled you with ZERO interruptions WITH stupid commercials and half the content taken out? I just used my remote to choose HBO On Demand and watched about 4 episodes uninterrupted, in a row, with pausing and rewind capability. Now that is great TV watching.

And how about that
BCS Game last night. I'll never eat a Tostito again. I can’t even bear to think about that one. I started watching the bloodbath in hopes of a slaughter in the right direction (Penn State entered the Big 10 when I was a freshman there, ok, now you know how old I am, and why is it still Big 10 when there are now 11 in the conference?). Unfortunately for Ohio State, the 51 days to prepare, apparently only hurt them. I think I started cringing right around the 2nd quarter. Or was it the 1st quarter? Don’t remember, it was just all bad. 41-14 Gators over the Buckeyes. Ouch. Hurts to type that.

I was home to watch two of my favorite shows (
Law & Order:CI and :SVU) brand new episodes tonight. I was thinking how I have pretty much seen every episode of those shows maybe twice because of my addiction to USA and how they play back to back episodes constantly. Someone is a marketing genius over there. You can’t even get up off the couch to get a drink of water before you are drawn in to the next show. Next thing you know, it is 4 hours later. I need an intervention. However, interestingly enough, a dear friend of mine’s friend was the head of the company who invented the split screen on network that allowed for scenes from “next week’s show” to be played while the ending credits of the current show played. Genius. That way, you kill two birds with one stone, AND you never get the viewer to change the channel. They are drawn into the show that follows what they were watching.

And America seems to have a sick fascination with doctors, lawyers and no, not Indian chiefs, but rather cops, or sexy detectives. I am sorry, but seriously, WHAT crime scene investigator looks like THAT (and you know who I am referring to)? And are there really doctors that look like Dr. McDreamy? (if so, I will change doctor’s RIGHT NOW) and why after nights of working hard on a case or surgery, is everyone’s hair perfect, makeup not smeared, lipstick still on, no bags under the eyes, clothing not wrinkled (for CSI: Miami fans, not much clothing is worn on the women), cleavage all up and at attention, and really, everyone looks, just so GREAT?

Oh, I remember now. It’s not real life. It’s TV.


Anonymous said...

You're so right! You've nailed my my guilty pleasure -- CSI: Miami -- to a "T". The acting is so bad it's good (hence the "guilty pleasure" label) and the characters are so over the top! HAVE to love it!

Pamela DC said...

Horatio is the best character. "Marisol. Marisol. Marisol." and Dr. Alex Woods has more cleavage going than a dancer on the Vegas strip. Sigh, but I can't stop watching.

Megan said...

So doctors don't look like McDreamy...but it's so much fun to imagine. Grey's Anatomy is my guilty pleasure. It's completely unrealistic, and that's why I love it.