Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why am I doing this?

I have been asked "Why are you doing a blog?" "What are you going to write about?" and in fact I have had several people ask me to write about certain topics, such as dating, the social scene in DC, and tips for being single in DC.

The reasons why I have decided to start this blog are many.

1) Since I have such an "adventurous" almost "accidental tourist" type of social life, I have always loved to laugh and share my stories in an entertaining way to my friends and family. After each of the stories, I will almost always get a "you need to write a book!" comment. Now, I have yet to get to that point, but this is certainly creating some content, (and of course, there will be many many things in the book that I cannot write in this blog) and gets me in the groove of writing down the "adventures".

2) Through a blog, I can finally have a place where I can direct friends and family to the stories, happenings, people, places, things, humorous situations, without writing it through multiple emails or phone calls. Not that I don't want to socialize with my f/f, it is just easier to get everyone reading the same material at THEIR leisure.

3) There are so many philanthropies, events, and non-profit work I am involved with, so I wanted a place where I can promote and write about these wonderful people and organzations through personal interaction, not through canned media writing. I will have pictures and links to sites to help positively promote these groups that I love.
4) Since I am much more involved with clubs, restaurants, and events now - this is an excellent place to promote and write about my experiences with each. This is not a place to bash establishments. This is all about REAL, but positive experiences.

5) OK- the best part for last. Yes, I WILL MOST CERTAINLY be threading in my social commentary as a single, 30 something, professional woman in DC. I have to write about my dating experiences - and my past thoughts, my curiousness of the men vs. women in DC and my perspective on the whole dating scene here.

I hope you will enjoy, laugh, not take it TOO seriously, and feel free to comment in a nice way :-)


Megan Alexander said...

I had to laugh because as I was reading your next post I was thinking...she should write a book. Then I read this one...obviously I'm not the first to think that. It's like reading!

Megan Alexander said...

Let me's like reading a much classier version of tmz. Who knew DC had such an active social scene? Hmm...probably everyone but me...anyway, thanks P! I can live vicariously through you!

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