Saturday, December 2, 2006

What does it take to be Famoso?

"Famoso" - (masculine) which is Italian for "famous" is also the name of the new sexy, loungy, restaurant bar concept on Wisconsin Ave in the fancy high-priced Chevy Chase shopping district. We Americans seem to be obsessed with the idea of fame (some even more so than money) that the title of this establishment appears to be very appropriate. (I once dated a man who said he'd rather be rich than famous, however, he is very rich and actually quite infamous.) The challenge however, is that while this place has the recipe for success: gorgeous design, sexy vibe, excellent food, one of the most well know and best maitre d's in town, Ralph Fredericks, a great chef, wonderful service - the missing ingredient is the perfect visible exposure on the street. Famoso faces the parking lot of the stores, NOT the Wisconsin Ave busy street. In essence, in order to BE "famoso", the restaurant needs a little assistance. That is where their PR person comes in, and when he asked Victoria to help him, she turned to me to partner. (pictured - Victoria and me Wed at Famoso thanks to Aidah Fontenot!)

So, we decided to throw a little Introduction to Famoso cocktail party last Wed evening. We put our A lists together (and if I left off anyone, which I always do, I am always sorry, however, my database needs some major cleaning up) sent out a slick email invite that was developed by their PR guy, and next thing you know, we had a super turnout of cool, attractive, interesting people who vibed very well with each other and the place. There were about 100 + who mixed, mingled, tried awesome appetizers, red and white wine, beer, and the exciting signature dish - their table side made risotto, that flames up from this wooden massive bowl when vodka is thrown in, a match lit, and the performance brings "ooo's" and "ahhhh's" (reminds me faintly of Benihana, only Soprano style). We got great feedback - and the biggest comment was "If you hadn't thrown this party, we would never have know this was here!" which made Victoria and me very happy. I am sure we will get a lot of folks coming back. I was especially happy to introduce Ralph, the Maitre D' to my friend from Microsoft, whose office is right down the street. Now that may be a great goldmine for them.

We and some other girls stayed for dinner, and wow, we were stuffed, but the cuisine left little to be desired, except an immediate bed to fall into. It was an exhausting, but productive evening and we were so happy to have been a part of the success. I will be back there again soon - but here is the link to check it out. If you go, tell them you heard about it here! Famoso

Oh - and to answer the question about what does it take to be famous? In my humble opinion - Talent, determination, drive, courage, hard work, knowing the right people, sacrificing a lot ... OR, you can just make a crazy video of yourself and post it on youtube.

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