Tuesday, December 5, 2006

And I thought campaigning was over!

Finally, we have been able to take a much needed rest away from watching intense political campaigning. Up until Election Day, we thought of little else, especially in this region. This spring however, I will be hitting the campaign trail.
This morning I met with Beth Gorman and Katie Good of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. They are so terrific and I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with them this upcoming spring. Paige Bishop, my friend who publishes Cap File, kindly nominated me to run for Woman of the Year during the Spring Campaign. That means for 10 weeks after the kick-off, up to the end of the gala in June, all nominees will be competing against each other to raise the most amount of money for the L&L Society. Basically, each dollar raised equals a vote. I told Paige I HAD to win. (I am not competitive at ALL.) She said – “Why do you think I nominated you?” oh … the pressure!

I am truly honored and excited to be a part of this Spring 2007 campaign and will keep up to date progress posted on this site. At the end of January we will have the first get together where all of the candidates will meet for the first time (we are now secret to each other), we will meet the Boy and Girl of the Year who have been chosen for the 2007 campaign, we will start to get acclimated into the program and of course, we will get a chance to “size up the competition.” Some of the folks that I know who have been super successful and very involved, and whom I hope to work with closely, are Dave Dorros, Marsha Ralls, Ray Regan, Miriam Pollin and of course, Paige. This is going to be quite the challenge and I cannot BELIEVE that it is December already. Where DOES the time go?

In the meantime, check out the site on the campaign and all the great works this Society does for these awful blood diseases. The unfortunate reality is, the older we get, the more people we know who have been affected by cancer. We hope they all can survive and all though the percentages are not always high, at least through research, funding and advanced technology, the chances of survival are greater. We all know someone who has beat the disease, or is going through the treatment, or sadly has passed on from the cancer. I hope to learn a lot during this campaign. It is a tough topic to think and talk about, but it is one that through awareness, like the Man and Woman of the Year Campaign, we hope to someday beat.

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