Friday, December 15, 2006

Four More Years! Four More Years!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have much of a green thumb. I can’t keep a cactus alive much less grow a fern. Heck, I could probably kill ivy. So, when I know I was actually physically THERE the day a seed was planted, and four years later, it has grown into something big and wonderful, you cannot imagine just how truly ecstatic I feel.

This December marks the closing of four full years of growth, prosperity, and success for my little seedling turned into a big redwood tree, the Potomac Officers Club (POC). I was THERE for the first teeny weeny event years ago, when Jim Garrettson, the Founder and President, asked me to “help out with registration”. “Pamela, its winter, its dreary out, most of these executives don't have a job right now (remember winter 2002? Something about a bubble bursting?) and we need a nice smiling face at the registration table!” Well, four short years later (where DOES the time go?) of hosting now nationally known speakers on a monthly basis to address the area’s top level CxO’s, who are members of this elite business executive private networking club, we are proud to say we ready for year FIVE.
(oh – and I moved quickly from the registration desk to promoting events, getting speakers, and finding members and sponsors. Jim knew I was a sucker for those types of responsibilities.)

*(Photo by Victoria Prouty - pictured from left to right: Paige Bishop, Keri Meslar, Jason Campbell, me, Kyle Mody)

We celebrated our success of 2006 and almost half a decade of hard work together (we now have 500 members and have seen the likes of Jack Welch, Bob Dole, Chris Matthews, Gary Forsee, Bob Johnson, Carly Fiorina, Jim Kimsey, and more speak monthly) at the gracious home of Roger and Kyle Mody. Roger Mody is a POC Board member. We had a lovely fun party where POC members came, drank some holiday cheer and ate delicious bites, laughed with each other, posed for pictures, and enjoyed the outstanding Christmas decorations that adorned the Mody home.

Typically, we have a “Headline Speaker on a Headline Topic”, however, a holiday party didn’t match that theme, so we had invited the “Headline Quarterback” of every week’s Washington Post, Redskins Jason Campbell. Jason, who again, I had heard was just a stand up class act guy, was just that. In person, he is tall, extremely handsome, EXTREMELY handsome (can I say that just one more time?), EXTREMELY handsome – he should be a spokesperson for something, I tell you. And he was just nice as can be. He came with the newly crowned Miss DC, USA, who I found out through asking, is DIFFERENT than Kate Michael, the woman I know, who is Miss DC, Miss America. So confusing these beauty pagents! And I heard on "Imus in the morning", yes, I was watching MSNBC this morning, that Trump may be taking the reigning Miss USA’s crown back. Apparently, she has the weakness for the party and the alcohol, which is a no-no as Miss USA, especially is you are UNDERAGE. Yes, she is 20. Oops. Apparently, it is ok if you are Lindsay Lohan, to run around and whoop it up in LA and NY night clubs, but not if you have a crown and are basically owned by The Donald.

I digress, the point is, the evening was just absolutely wonderful. It was fabulous to see old friends who have been supporting the POC and our group for years, who have helped to make this executive club the success it is today, by sponsorship, membership growth, continuous membership, and other wonderful things they do.

We look forward to FOUR MORE years together! (sounds like a political campaign, but its true!) And thanks again Keri Meslar for bringing Jason to us last night. And special thanks to the following for great support and showing last night: Fernando Murias, Paige Bishop, Tim Jessell, Jeff Houle, Jim Speros, Tien Wong, Charlie Thomas, Bob Kipps, Gabe Battista, Bennett Zier and so many others.

For more information on how to apply for membership to the POC - please visit the website: Potomac Officers Club


kate said...

Definitely the wrong Miss DC... I am currently dating Bill Dean, of MCDean Inc...

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