Sunday, December 3, 2006

Me? Wear a sign on my back? That's just LUDACRIS!

Unless of course, it is done at the request of the vivacious, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate (and fellow Leo, we Leo's have much admiration for our people, as you can see) Kate Roberts, the Founder of YouthAIDS. This past week marked World AIDS week, and Friday the 1st, was World AIDS Day. Kate and others ran around all day on Friday wearing taped messages on their backs stating everything from shocking statistics to eye catching phrases and anything in between. The point of course, was to gain attention from the general public and the campain is called the "Kick Me" campaign. (very clever!) Why was I wearing one? Well, I wasn't running around all day like the rest of the YouthAIDS staff, but I gladly accepted the tape onto the back of my dress (my sign said "Kick Yourself if You Are Not Doing Something About AIDS!") at the small, intimate reception Friday night held at the new PS7 Restaurant, to thank the ultra hip, performing artist Ludacris. (*pictured above, Marshall Stowell, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Kate Roberts) Please note: The "Kick Me" Campaign ends Dec 15th - YouthAIDS needs to raise $10,000 by that date. For just $10 you can sponsor a participant. Click here to help the cause: YouthAIDS.

Ludacris (who is from Centreville, VA) is a YouthAIDS Ambassador, and spent the entire week running all over the country, from city to city, speaking out in urban areas to young people about why it is sexy and cool to live a healthy lifestyle, to practice safe sex, and the awful statistics of the HIV/AIDS emergency. The real cool thing about YouthAIDS as in organization, is that they are masters at cause related marketing - they work with celebrities and use videos, musicians, new media and things that young people think are "hip" - in order to get their message to their market. Not only do they get their message to their market, they get their market to further their message by getting them involved. Now THAT is cool!
The event was held at the gorgeous fairly new PS7 Restaurant near the Verizon Center in the bar lounge area. So, those folks who were there by chance for a cocktail in the sleek bar that evening, were treated to an extra special treat. There were about 20 or so of us that are involved with YA, including new funders like Fernando Murias, and Scott Stephens and his wife, and long time supporters, like Rick Rickertsen and David Sutphen, who runs Viacom in this market, with his boss. DC Modern Luxury Magazine's Publisher, my dear friend Peter Abrahams was there to help coordinate the venue, support, bring a photog, and of course, he had a few of the "hot off the presses" December Holiday DC Mag issues to pass! All were there to shake hands with Mr. Shake Your Money Maker.
Luda showed up to meet and greet, shake hands, share the floor with the lovely Kate to thank all those involved and talk about how he got recruited by YA, and of course, a bit about his round the country tour. As Kate said "We dragged him literally all over the country, city to city this week in honor of World AIDS Week! He is exhausted!" Luda graciously lended his popluarity and celebrity to talk to young people and was happy to end the week in DC.
After some pix were taken and everyone met and chatted for a bit - Luda jumped in his car service to head for the airport where he could rest peacefully on a plane to LA (home).
I confess, I thought my only interaction with Luda would have been my "run in" with him at this year's White House Correspondents Dinner After Party at Cafe Milano sponsored by Cap File Magazine. It was so darn crowded, I was standing with my back to him, as his entourage took him through from the back, as I lifed my bubbly glass to my lips, someone bumped so hard into me, that my champagne flew all over me. As I turned to give the clumsy rude whomever it was my best "mean girl" look - much to my surprise - I was face to face with Ludacris himself! He said "Oh! Sorry" and I said "No worries, no problem, just champagne, I am fine! It is ok!" and by the time I was done my blabbering, he was way off in the crowd, never to be seen again (except on the big screen and small screen and every magazine page, and radio station). Until Friday night. So, of course, when I leaned over to shake his hand and exchange pleasantries - I actully put down my glass of bubbly. Hey! you never know ...


FOP's said...

so happy to be included as an FOP!

Love the wrap Pammy, can't wait for you to open up PS!

ALH ipinions said...

If not on your back, how about shaved into your head for $100,000? Or is that just Kanye?

I come courtesy of my friend Ken @ Technosight. Welcome to the blogosphere Pamela!

Happy blogging...

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